Resolving Back Pain with Cox Treatment


Cox Flexion-Distraction therapy is a gentle, comfortable, hands-on, treatment for back pain and tightness. In recent decades Cox Therapy has emerged as one of the most effective, safest, and well researched treatments for spinal conditions, including spinal arthritis, sciatica, back pain, and spinal stenosis.

 Here is how Cox Technique works….

Young man with back painCox Treatment is performed using a specially engineered treatment table that gently pulls and stretches the joints of the spine. With the patient lying face down on the table,  the lower portion of the table  can be slowly pulled down and away.  This motion gently stretches the joints of the spine, which pulls the spinal bones away from each other and acts to “decompress” the joint and reduce pressure on any pinched or compressed nerves. Each decompression stretch is held for 5 seconds and is applied in a rhythmical push-pull action five or six times. This process is usually repeated several times within eache treatment session.

As the spine stretches the doctor is able to focus the treatment at specific levels of the spine by applying a pressure directly to the affected joint levels using a specialized hand contact. The ability to direct treatment at the specific joint levels that are causing the problem makes Cox Flexion-Distraction treatment more effective than traditional stretching exercises and other distraction therapies or devices which apply only a general stretch or traction.

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Get Relief with Cox Technique

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