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Gray Chiropractic is currently accepting new patients.  Please note that all services rendered by Dr. Jason Gray or Dr. Stephanie Gray are billed under ‘chiropractic services’.  Please refer to your specific health plan/insurance carrier for more detailed information with respect your coverage.

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Click here to book an appointment using our online scheduling system.  This system will let you choose the type of appointment you need, which doctor you want to make the appointment with, and when appointments are available. Please note that after making and appointment you will receive a confirmation email as soon as you make the appointment as well as a appointment reminder the day before your appointment delivered directly to your email.

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To schedule and appointment by phone call our office at 905-685-7227.  When you call we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the conditions we treat, clinic fees and billing practices, or any other questions you may have.


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We are currently accepting new patients. Click here for more information

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